KUKA iimotion Hannover Messe Special
    April 12 - 16 2021

    Easy access to automation: KUKA is pursuing this ambitious goal. We will present a preview of the operating system for the future of automation at the digital Hannover Messe 2021 from April 12 to 16. The key is simple operation and intuitive handling of automation solutions, which until now have often been the domain of experts.

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    Monday 12 April: Mission 2030/iiQKA

    Simple, intuitive, accessible: KUKA makes automation available for everyone


    More people around the world are working with robots. Simple operation and an intuitive approach to automation are therefore the keys to the future. Automation for everyone: That is our Mission 2030. To achieve this, KUKA is developing a suitable operating system as part of an entire ecosystem. Join us on April 12 as we unveil the future of automation.

    Tuesday 13 April: Digital Transformation IoT/IIoT, AIoT

    Inside the nervous system of industry: how digital transformation is changing manufacturing


    The coronavirus pandemic has shown us how vulnerable our globally-connected world is. At the same time, it has demonstrated the opportunities of digitization. Today, it is all about digital technologies and connectivity. Our experts show how companies can get more out of digitalization, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

    Wednesday 14 April: E-Mobility/Automotive/Tier1

    Electric vehicles are the future of transit: Automotive industry on the way to a new age


    Alternative drive technologies are ushering in a new automotive era. E-mobility is more than a trend. KUKA is supplying its customers, from OEMs to Tier1, with experience and innovative knowledge. On the third day of the fair, everything revolves around e-mobility and the automotive industry with exclusive insights directly from Webasto's battery system and a KUKA product launch.

    Thursday 15 April: Electronics, Consumer Goods, Intralogistics, AI/AIVI

    New technologies for new fields: Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in General Industry


    With KR DELTA and KR SCARA, KUKA is expanding its product portfolio. KUKA is now one of the very few "full range" suppliers to offer automation along the entire production spectrum – from SUVs to smartphones. KUKA is thus conquering new areas, from electronics and consumer goods to intralogistics. With new technologies such as the AI-based KUKA AIVI master controller, customers will be able to maintain an overview of their production.

    Friday 16 April: Easy, intelligent, innovative

    Easy, intelligent, innovative: The latest trends and developments in automation


    Automation is picking up speed, but where is it headed? What do customers want? We look at the most important trends and developments. In doing so, we investigate dynamic areas, such as medical robotics, and present state-of-the-art solutions. We show you how the latest KUKA controller connects the old and new worlds of automation.